is to provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating, and non-discriminatory environment for children of African Caribbean heritage.

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We provide a safe and inclusive learning environment where children of diverse communities can learn about each other’s culture and heritage with the aim of promoting community cohesion, and a greater understanding and mutual respect between groups. This will allow us to empower the children to learn, create a positive impact on their lives and to help offer support and opportunities to children in need of guidance.


We provide  regular educational and cultural excursions, enrichment and recreational activities to increase cultural capital and expose our children to a wide range of environments, opportunities and experiences.



It is our mission to inspire, educate and empower children of Birmingham and surrounding areas, with inclusive programmes that will enable them to excel and succeed as confident, resilient leaders of their generation and become contributing members of the global community.



It is our belief, and it is paramount that every child has the right to be educated and supported in a safe environment where they are cared for and nurtured to fulfil their highest potential.



Children of the Sun Saturday School was created primarily to provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating, and non – discriminatory environment for children of African Caribbean heritage to receive cultural education and academic support.


Children of the Sun Saturday school is a community based non-profit voluntary group that was founded 5 years ago by Marcia Anderson and her two daughters Ashanti, aged 20 at the time, and her youngest, then aged 7. Children of the Sun was created for children of African Heritage, between the ages of 5 – 16, to address their social, educational, cultural and mental needs within Birmingham’s inner cities.


The focus of the group is providing cultural recreational programmes for young people of African Caribbean heritage, some of which may have been excluded or who have difficulties within the formal educational school system.

Children of The Sun provides programmes such as counselling and advice on children’s short and long-term needs by providing a safe environment for them in which to progress within and outside of mainstream education.


Children of the Sun is proactive in dealing with everyday issues that may affect young people and actively undertake and provide additional services in which they hope to expand when they have their own space.


Being available to children and young people at risk allows them to express their thoughts and feelings creatively and constructively in a safe environment, leading to a more positive outcome.


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